OpenQuake | 08 Mar 2017

What’s new with OpenQuake version 2.3?

The OpenQuake Engine version 2.3 is now available. This version features 1) improved interoperability 2) faster calculation of ground motion fields 3) multiple improvements in the OQ engine calculators and 4) various bug fixes.

The engine can now be installed on Ubuntu 12.04 and can compute ground motion fields faster in situations with a large number of hazard sites. In addition, the engine can compute ground shaking correctly at elevated sites, compute ruptures faster with the use of magnitude-dependent integration distance.  Several bugs were also fixed in the web user interface and engine configuration.

For more details, read the full release notes here.

Download now

> OQ Version 2.3
> OQ Engine Manual
> OQ Platform Instructions

Recent OQ users

> GNS Science – used OQ during its 16th WCEE presentation on challenges on hazard and risk earthquake modeling in New Zealand
> FM Global – used OQ toolkits to build hazard models using historical earthquakes, faults and strain rate data


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